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DIY-vs-qualified electrician

How do you fix your electrical faults or any electrical project you’re planning to take up? Do you want to give a face lift to your business or home?  Would you perfume yourself, hire a handyman, or a qualified contractor?

Unreliable Cost-effective Solutions

Due to the increasing costs of country’s economic ecosystem, people are looking for ways to reduce costs in every work especially in electrical repairs. For this they are trying to perform electrical repairs work on their own using DIY tool kits, which are highly risky as you may not be that expert to understand the repercussion, if at some stage something goes wrong. In addition, they may hire someone who appears to be a qualified electrician but actually he/she is not.

How a Handyman Works

Such people may or may not perform the job you want them to do. How can you know?  Most of the work done in an electrical contract is within the four walls, wire junction boxes, and within restricted access areas. It has been witnessed that in many bad connections the previous handyman has linked wires wrapping tape or clips or other household articles. In addition, wires carrying high voltage were pinched, cut, and are typically inviting fire hazard. More ridiculous is the owners are unaware about this. Complying with the electrical codes is not a requirement in such projects, which may lead to a huge liability to your property and to the neighbours.

Handyman may have a little electrical skills but wiring could be extremely risky and required expert skills! Such people are not the licensed contractors in the eyes of law. They cannot get permits on projects where they are legally working.  If you risk hiring someone without license to cut costs, it could really be highly dangerous. If anything goes wrong, you may never recourse.  Finally you will have to end up coughing up more money.

How to Recognize Qualified Electrician

Qualified and recognized electrical companies or electricians would be licensed, bonded and insured. This is the basic requirement of the State for various reasons. The State has a fund for consumers that all licensed electricians pay into, which is called “Contractor’s Recovery Fund”. This is made to offer the compensation to a consumer who has suffered any type of financial loss because the hired licensed electricians could not do their work mindfully or were found to be engaged in fraudulent, dishonest or deceptive practices, or could not perform up to the mark. The suffering consumers may collect money from fund for the damages incurred. This is how you can identify the licensed electrical from any unlicensed electrician as handyman cannot offer you such protection.

Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

For getting the desired results, it is necessary to put right efforts on searching an electrician that matches with the unique needs of your job. Please do not trust someone that appears to be confident but without any license. If you hire a licensed contractor have a look into their complaint history available in the State Board of Contractors. Whoever you hire, they must be hired with word-of-mouth suggestion as it will be evident they have worked well.


These are few tips that can help you finding the right electrical contractor for your business or home electrical repairs work. This will not only help you hire the right electrician but will also save you from risks that may occur on hiring someone unlicensed.

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