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Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Art of Handling Occupational Hazard

Every kind of work has its own hazard, some of them greater than the others. An electrician risks his life with 230 volts to make your home or workplace a safe haven. According to a survey by HSE over 200 people are killed each year at work and over one million injured. While operating under […]

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How Safe Is Your Electricity?

Electricity has proven to be nothing short of a miracle in our life. Any luxury you can think of is just a flick of a switch away. Without electricity most of our household appliances would be rendered useless. But at the same time, we need to be sure of how safe our loved ones are […]

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The Electrical Installation Condition Report and Its Aftermath

How safe is your building’s wiring? How compatible is it with your buildings power wattage?  For protection against any mishap you need to get your facility insured and for that you need to have a report carried out on your buildings installation. Faulty and old wirings are one of the major causes of electrical fire, […]

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How to Save Electricity Using Simple Tips

With the skyrocketing electricity prices, saving electricity is the need of the hour. How to save on electricity bills without investing on expensive solar systems or doing any prominent modifications in electrical system is very critical and beneficial. Under mentioned are some of the minor changes that you can initiate in your activities and decisions […]

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