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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Electrical safety precautions

Electrical appliances have significantly eased our life. Now we can complete the household chores in a few minutes when earlier it took a whole day to clean, wash, or cook. Just like the two sides of a coin, with positive come the negative and electrical appliances are no different. The more the electrical appliances you […]

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Tips for improving electrical system

According to a recent report, a couple of cases have come into light each year due to electrical accidents at home. Domestic electrical faults at home are one of the causes for house fires. It has thus become imperative to use safety switches on power sockets in homes. Home owners should ensure that their family […]

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NAPIT Launches Campaign to Address Key Issues in Electrical Industry

NAPIT have launched compact campaign infographics that helps address some of the critical issues faced by NAPIT members and the entire electrical industry. It aims reinforcing their reputation towards defending the interests of registered electricians throughout the UK.┬áThese infographics are based on survey responses received from its Trade Association. This campaign helps infuse influential organizations […]

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Dangerous electrical situation

Electricity is required almost everywhere, and it is indeed a boon for all. However, this same boon can turn into a bane if proper care is not taken during the installation of electrical equipment followed by periodic examination. Improper electrical fittings or using electrical equipment that are of inferior quality can cause substantial harm to […]

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