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electrical Survey

Purchasing a property in England is not wise until you are in possession of certain reports. It is prudent to check out valuation, security as well as the other necessities that come along with the property, the electrical system in place for instance. However, just glancing through the survey report that makes a brief mention of about electrical safety is not quite enough. You need to do an ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’ or EICR in order to ensure your safety.

Asking for an EICR does not mean that you do not rely on the surveyor. However, a general survey will only provide you with a sketchy picture vis-à-vis the electrical safety of the building simply because most of the surveyors are not qualified electricians. Ordering an EICR will not cost you an arm and a leg either. It is quite inexpensive and can be done within £100 in fact. But the amount of details provided about the electrical connections within the building, taking your safety into consideration is surely a great way to ensure your peace of mind.

The safety check, undertaken by trained electricians include:-

  • Noting the age of the sockets and electrical switches of the building.
  • Checking the fittings for lights, electric fans, room heaters, air conditioning as well as the wiring of the entire building.
  • Checking the consumer unit thoroughly.
  • Looking for signs of scorching or burning in the electrical fixtures.
  • Checking for wear and tear of the rubber coating around the wiring.
  • Checking the electrical load and noting the need for new switches and sockets.

The report given by the professionals is actually a type of advisory that may ask you to do the following:-

  • Change the entire wiring of the building.
  • Replace the consumer unit if it is very old.
  • Change the rubber coating that has been worn out or burnt.
  • Install additional switches and sockets in every room according to your need.
  • Use energy saving devices which will keep your electricity costs to the minimum.

The EICR also notes the risks and will advise you not to switch on any electrical appliance or touch any bare wire, damaged fixtures, and empty sockets until you have completed the electrical repairs and enhancements satisfactorily. You will only risk getting an electric shock and endanger your family by accidentally setting up a fire otherwise.

Electrical safetyContacting Croydon Electricians and commissioning them to inspect the property that you have just bought will help you to understand the situation properly. Take the right decision depending on the EICR report obtained so that you do not put the safety of your family at risk. The possibilities of a mishap due to faulty electrical wiring are definitely more if the property you have bought is more than 20 years old. It will be wise, however, to get a report for a comparatively new building too. Using inexpensive materials and fixtures is a common tactic to keep the price of the property down. It is, therefore, necessary to opt for an EICR over and above the general survey once you are determined to move in.

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