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All of a sudden an electrical failure or accident can take us in awe. But before such accidents happen we are alarmed number of times with some warning signs. Lights flickering frequently for sometimes or sudden voltage drops or electrical sparks that you have noticed many times, can all be considered as signs that a electrical failure or accident can be on the way. Astronic Electricians have years of experience in dealing with such problems that may lead to major electrical failure. As soon as you observe such signs as frequent do not forget to call an electrical service. Let us see here few frequent warning signs that you should not take lightly.

Five Warning Signs for Residential Electrical System

1.    Lights flickering

When the lights flicker frequently it can either be an indication that the bulb is defective or there is a connection problem in the circuit. To check the source of the problem make sure that the bulb is not loose or replace it with a different one. If the flickering still persists it is a problem of the circuit and you should seek service of electrician.

2.    The circuit breakers continuing to trip frequently

Circuit breakers automatically change the electric flow between various points when a lot of electrical gadgets and uses make an overload. Thus circuit breakers actually save a premise from an accidental short circuit. Circuit breakers trip occasionally when such overloading occurs, but when it trips two frequently then it is assumed that the overloading is creating a vulnerable condition and a short circuit is very probable. Sometimes broken wires or wires being touched with one another can cause such condition and it requires service to avoid a short circuit.

3.    Buzzing and sparking switches or outlet

Many electricians in London and elsewhere have experience that the buzzing and sparking of switches and outlets often end up in bigger occurrences of electrical failure and even accidents. Mostly a loose connection in the wiring is responsible for such condition and consequently the circuit is overloaded. These types of incidents may look minor but have the potential to lead to short circuit. Fluorescent lights often buzz or create a humming sound and so make sure that the buzzing sound is coming from the switch only. Often you observe a spark in an outlet while connecting an electrical gadget or device. If it happens occasionally you can consider it as minor but if it happens all the time then probably the circuit of the outlet is in bad shape and needs service. Till the outlet is being serviced uses a different one.

4.    Getting mild electric shocks

Do your appliances give you frequent electric shocks when you hold them? Such occurrences are strong indication that the connected outlet and circuit has some problems. A loose wiring or faulty connection can be the cause and you should get it checked and serviced as soon as possible.

5.    Burning smell from a switch or outlet

Burning smell from switches or electrical outlets come when it gets overheated. It should be taken as an indication that a short circuit accident is imminent and immediately you should switch off the power of the house and call electrician’s service. Such heating is caused by overloading of circuits and may quickly lead to fire accident.

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