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Electrical Services

electrical inspection

Astronic Limited is an electrical services providing organization, which is based in and around South London. We, at Astronic, cater to the electrical needs of industrial, commercial and domestic units for the last 20 years. Our expert team of technicians and dedicated electrical engineers make sure that they do their work providing utmost customer satisfaction. The 24 hours of emergency services provided by us make us a preferred choice among the London dwellers. We deal with every kind of electrical issues with the highest proficiency.

Electrical equipment and electronics appliances start to depreciate over time. The deterioration of electrical equipment, if unattended, may result into shocks, short-circuits, and other electrical mishaps. So, it is extremely crucial that professionals hold periodic electrical inspections. Astronic conducts timely inspections in order to make sure that your place remains safe and sound.

Presence of electricity is inevitable right now and with this energy comes our responsibility to make you lead a safe and secured life. Here comes the importance of inspection of the electrical system of a particular place. Whether purchasing a new home, doing the renovation of the old one, or installing any new electrical appliance inside the building premise, a thorough electrical inspection is a must have. There are several plus points for undergoing periodic reviews of electrical equipment. Apart from identifying oversize fuses, rectifying faulty electric lines or outdated wiring, it also helps in saving electricity. It helps in complying with protection risk assessment supervision. It even guarantees the safe operation of all the electrical appliances.

The design of periodic electrical inspection is made in such a way so that the problems and potential dangers of the electrical installations of a specific place are addressed in a minute manner. The inspection conducted by Astronic Limited comprises of the following:

  • Examining general wear-and-tear of every electrical equipment
  • Recognizing any weakening within any electrical installation
  • Establishing the situation of bonding and earthing
  • Complete assessment of all present electrical circuits
  • Checking overloading of every electrical equipment
  • Suitability of customer unit/ fuse box and also the kind of wiring

After going through all the proceedings, we suggest you several recommendations in case improvements are needed. A comprehensive set of solutions is readily available with us if such a case arises. For us, safety always comes first. Inspections are highly suggested for an interval of 10 years if it is an owner-occupied house. An interval of 5 years is recommended for rented houses and in case of static or caravan homes, the period is 3 years.

We provide customized solutions for periodic electrical checkups for homes and office premises. We follow all standard norms while performing our duties. For the right kind of professional services in electrical matters, trust only Astronic Limited. Our competitive rates will make you choose only us! For getting quotes you can call us at 08000371078.

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