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1162  Reading Your Meter

Astronic Limited is a name that you can trust when it comes to providing electrical services in London. We have skilled workers who make sure that every problem related to electrical services is handled with extreme care. Our experience of more than 20 years in this field makes us one of the most sought after and a reliable electrical services providing firm. We have the provisions of catering to emergency services on a 24 hours basis.

Electrical meter is an important component of any electrical system of a household or a commercial place. There are several types of electrical meter and reading them might look like a confusing task. There are dial meters, variable rate digital meters and single rate digital meters. Reading them correctly will help you to access the electrical consumption of your place and help you in detecting any malfunctioning of the meter.

Reading a single rate digital electrical meter

Single rate electrical meterTo read this kind of meter, first you need to pen down all numbers that appear before any decimal point. This must be done in left to right manner. The numbers stated after decimal point should be completely ignored. This is generally shown in the red color and must not be considered.  This completes the process of reading single rate meters.

Reading variable rate digital electrical meter

White Meters, or in other words Economy 7 meters come with 2 displays that provide reading for night and daytime separately. Some come with an ability to shift between the 2 displays. If the display is marked as “night” or “low” it means the amount of units you have consumed in off-peak mode. The display called “day” or “normal” shows the peak electricity consumed. While taking the reading both the numbers from the 2 displays should be written. It should not include numbers from the red marking. If it is an Economy 10 meter, then it comes with an extra display for recording electricity consumption for three time periods. The same process should be followed while reading an Economy 10 meter.

Reading Dial meter

Dial meterThis type of electrical meter looks a bit traditional and has clock-style dials comprising numbers from 0-9. The series of dials has a unique work. Each dial moves in the direction that is opposite to the movement of the dial that comes before it.  While taking the reading, check the left dial first and write the number that is indicated by the respective pointer. In this way, move towards the right dial one by one. If any pointer points between 2 numbers, then the lower number should be recorded. But if it is placed between 0 and 9, then 9 should be chosen. Any red dial must be ignored.

The above procedure will help you to read meters in a correct way. We, at Astronic Limited are always ready to solve all your problems related to electricity.  Be it domestic, industrial or commercial issue, we have the expertise of working in any condition.


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