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Home automation system is all about building automation at residential landscape. It has been around for yours now but recently it has gained momentum. These days a home automation system is more effective and cost effective option for managing and monitoring things like appliances, security system and lights.

You do not need to worry about if you have forgotten to switch off the air conditioning or have left an outside light on!

All About Home Automation

Home automation could be different for different people, but usually it is meant for having remote control for several works within your home. There are umpteen numbers of tasks that any home automation can perform we have gathered basic functions of this process! It can:

  • Turn your heater or air conditioner on and off.
  • Control the lights of your home.
  • Manage your home theatre system.
  • Transmit music to different rooms at different times.
  • Turn household appliances on or off.
  • Open or close windows, doors, garage door, curtains etc.

How it Works?

To automate your home, one thing is required to communicate to another thing – what to do, through a network by a protocol.

This system integrates electrical appliances in a house with each other. This can be done using techniques that are used in building automation along with controlling of domestic activities, like home entertainment system, pet feeding, changing the background scenes for multiple events like dinners and late night parties, and the use of household robots. These devices are associated using a home network to allow it to be controlled by a personal computer and it can also be accessed from internet remotely. Through this type of integration of IT with the home ambiance, systems and devices make it possible to interact amongst them in an integrated way that leads to energy efficiency and convenience and safety benefits.

How Much Home Automation is Required?

The ideal home automation systems should include all your home devices and technologies into one user friendly system. Although there are countless ideas that can add to the home automation, but it must not make this system complicated.

You must initiate by just automating whichever functions are more necessary for you and you carry out most frequently to make your life safer, simpler and happier. The kind of monitoring and control you require will be based on personal preference and individual circumstances.


There are several home automation systems that you can purchase in DIY kits, but it is recommended that unless you have experience in the field better not do it yourself. It is a good idea to get your home automation system conceptualized, crafted and installed by a professional electrician to ward off any untoward situation.

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