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When was the last time you renovated your home or upgraded its electrical system? Perhaps you don’t remember, and might consider it to be the least important thing because everything is going fine. But you are unaware how an old or damaged electrical panel can pose serious fire and shock hazard, putting you and your family at risk. Unfortunately, even certain new electrical panels, equipped with circuit breakers, can cause safety hazards and should be upgraded immediately. If the electrical panel does not supply sufficient power and fuses are blowing off or breakers are flipping frequently, it might need an upgrade. On the other hand, if you have installed a new air conditioner or other electronic equipment, your electrician might also recommend upgrading electrical services to avoid short-circuits and other hazards.

What is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is one to which power supply from electric utility company flows through wires into your home and is then transmitted to different electrical branches to cover every part of the home. It is a metal box with circuit breakers and fuses inside, and is installed as per requirement of the home. This depends on number of rooms, electronic equipment installed, and other factors that help in determining power capacity requirement. Therefore, when you make new installations at home, it is important that you contact your electrician and seek recommendation to upgrade the electrical panel.

Protecting from Safety Hazards

 Power Overload

Electric Power OverloadWhen too much electric power flows into the wires, it can melt and cause a fire. On the other hand, if you touch a damaged wire with power supply, it can cause electrical shock. Therefore, it is important that your home’s electrical panel detects excessive power flow and stops it immediately. Older electrical panels have fuses, which blow off when power overload is detected. For newer ones, the breaker flips off. Both causes the circuit to break and cut power supply to the wires. Make sure that the fuses and breakers and functioning properly and aren’t too old. Change old fuses and breakers, or upgrade the electrical panel to ensure safety of your family and home.

 Insufficient Power Supply

When you install a new large refrigerator, an air conditioner or modern appliances in your home, the electrical panel might not be set up to provide additional power supply. This can cause the circuit breakers to flip or fuses to blow off frequently, and also increases the chance of short circuit. This means your electrical system needs an upgrade. Most common scenarios when there is a need for electrical panel upgrade are installing air conditioning, kitchen renovation with modern appliances, adding hot tub and spa, power equipment in the garage, room addition, or moving to a home which has undersized electrical service. Call an electrician immediately to seek professional electrical system upgrade services.

 Old or Unsafe Fuse Box

Unsafe Fuse BoxIf your electrical panel is old, it might have fuses instead of circuit breakers as in new panels. Older fuses boxes were designed to capacitate around 30 – 60 amps power; however, today’s modern homes require 100 – 200 amps or more to power electronics and appliances. This can cause the fuse to blow off, shutting off the appliance. People might consider replacing it with an oversized fuse but that can cause overloading and overheating of wires. A safe solution is to upgrade the electronic panel with circuit breakers.

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