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Electricians Safety ToolsWorking with electricity is a high risk job, and so it is extremely important that they make use of the best safety equipments and tools in order to avoid any hazards. Nearly six cases of electrocution occur every year in workplaces. Although it does not even compare to the staggering 350000 cases of serious injuries that are caused by voltage electric shocks, it does show that there is a distinct possibility of that happening. In order to protect themselves fully from all possible instances of electricity-related mishaps, London electricians use a number of high grade safety equipments. Some of these equipments are discussed below in brief.

Insulated Gloves

electrician Insulated GlovesAny task undertaken by an electrician involves the use of his hands. This is especially so when the electrician has to deal with live currents. Hence it is very important to wear insulated gloves while handling electrical lines and devices. Insulated gloves offer protection from electrocutions, and so having access to more than a single pair at a given time facilitates in smooth handling of various electrical projects. Also while handling commercial projects during the winter season; it is better to insert a pair of small cotton gloves inside the insulated gloves just so that the hands are kept warm during active working.

Safety Glasses

Electrician Safety GlassesSafety glasses are extremely handy when it comes to the protection of an electrician’s eyes. Although they may appear bulky and old-fashioned, these goggles were never really about looks in the first place. The eyes are literally the most precious and a delicate part of any human being’s body, and so it is extremely necessary to take good care of them. Safety glasses can protect the eyes from possible sparks and loose wire ends that can protrude dangerously. However, an electrician should wear them at all times while carrying out electrical projects as small things like debris and dirt can enter the eyes and damage them. While the general range of safety glasses are low on looks but high on functionality, a premium pair with a higher price range can satisfy a user with a much sleeker appearance.

Insulated hand tools  

Insulated hand toolsInsulated hand tools offer greater protection from dynamic currents, and so it is always better to use them while carrying out electrical projects. Whether it is screws or saws or any other important equipment, it is possible to get them all insulated. While purchasing insulated tools, it is always better to buy a complete set as this can ensure better value. On the other hand, if an electrician is already having some general un-insulated tools, getting them upgraded can definitely allow for better protection.

Footwear and Matting

electrician footwear and mattingAll electrical services in London should make use of dielectric shoes and insulation matting for protection from electric shocks. Like insulated gloves, the dielectric shoes protect the wearer from accidents or injuries caused by live currents. Insulation matting allows for some additional protection, and prevents any live wires unexpectedly injuring the electrician. Although it is not always possible to use safety matting because of unsuitable working conditions, they should be implemented whenever possible.

Hard hats and earplugs

electrician hard hats and earplugsCommercial electricians operating on various building sites should always make use of earplugs. This is because these sites are prone to make excessive loud noises on a daily basis, which can eventually start damaging their hearing capacity; an outcome that is certainly not desirable. They should also use hard hats to protect themselves from possible head injuries that might occur when unexpected debris falls over.

Arc flash protective clothing

Arc flash or arc blast is a type of dangerous electrical explosion that might give rise to fire hazards or harm the human body. Hence electricians should always wear arc flash protective clothing while working on electrical projects.

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