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Domestic Electrician

For lighting, cooling, heating or smooth working of any electrical equipment, electricians play a pivotal role in every house. From mending a cable fault or repairing a toaster to installing an LCD TV or setting up an air-conditioner, electricians are the call of the day. Only expert electricians know the importance of carrying the right tool for the right task. Astronic Limited owns veritably professional electricians in Sutton who are equipped with the best of the best tools to ensure safe and durable results.

Having basic electrical tools is mandatory to work with cables, wires or appliances which otherwise can pose serious threats in terms of shocks or fires. Using basic tools can go a long way in eradicating unwanted accidents. Here is a list of 7 basic tools which all professional electricians in Sutton must possess:

Electrician tool kit

1. Flashlight

A flashlight is always recommended for an electrician as he is often required to inspect things which are usually in darkness in the inner side. Flashlight provides a better view in checking sockets, pipes, outlets and the same.

2. Voltmeter

A voltmeter helps in checking the circuits before working on them. Assuming the circuit to be free of electricity can be completely dangerous and hence a voltmeter should be used to procure readings and to plan the operation accordingly.

3. Wire Stripper

A pair of wire strippers is one of the basic tools which every professional electrician in Sutton must carry. This tool assists in cutting the released insulation adjoining the wire without slicing the wire. This provides the electrician with a better view of conductors, switches or the same.

4. Pliers

Pliers are actually tools which help in carrying out multi-purpose functions. From tightening or loosening a cable to cutting blades, twisting wires or drawing cables from different areas, pliers are a must have for all electricians. Electricians mainly use linesman’s pliers, needle-nose pliers and side-cutting pliers.

5. Draw Tape

A draw tape, commonly addressed as a draw wire helps an electrician to analyze the guide string for new wiring through pipes, conduits or walls. It is also referred to as “fish tape” and can be best stored in a pouch or a case.

6. Hammer

A hammer in undoubtedly the most common tool expected in the kit of any electrician. Though varieties of hammers are available on the basis of size and strength, a basic model with a flat head and a claw can do the needful.

7. Wire Tester

Wire testers give the idea of whether or not the power is on. These are basically detectors which help to diagnose the strength of the electricity. On the basis of application, wire testers can vary from basic devices to the ones which provide digital readouts.

Imagine you discover that your mixer grinder isn’t working when you are in the middle of your cooking or have days of accumulated clothes for washing and the switchboard of your washing machine does not work or have just shifted to a flat and find that no lighting is provided there! After all, if anyone of the regular appliances goes down, the daily life comes to a standstill.

Astronic Limited understands your urgent requirements and has hence earned over 20 years of reputation by providing expert electricians with specialized tools.

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