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Are you a homeowner looking for ways to make your home highly energy-efficient and drastically reduce the utility bill expenditures? Electrician in London can aid you by installing smart meters and energy monitors that allow you to remain abreast of the day-to-day electrical consumption. People today are becoming conscious of the rising cost of electricity, and are embracing methods that help them to minimise expenditure. Futuristic meters and monitors give you the exact support you need for optimal energy use.

So, What Are Smart Meters?


As the name suggests, a smart meter will intelligently monitor the energy usage coupled with real-time reporting on the inbuilt screen. Actual costs remain for you to see with feedback to your energy supplying company. Read them remotely and these meters ensure that usage and billing are in perfect sync. What’s more, these smart devices also support prepayment. As for the replacement needs, you should know that they have a 10 years warranty.

Smart Meter Benefits

Smart meters signify home automation, making life easier for owners. Now set your consumption targets via smart phones or computers and the intelligent meter will help you achieve those. These are able to support varied tariff types, offering you customized billing matching the specific usage patterns. Are you thinking of switching suppliers? Now, do it quickly and easily with the help of smart meters. Instant download of previous consumption data is now possible electronically soon after the reassigning of meter to your new supplier.

What are Energy Monitors?

Energy monitor as the name signifies can be used for monitoring the overall energy consumption in your house. You will be able to identify areas that consume loads of energy than required, and implement measures to minimise the same. By bringing down the waste of energy naturally, you will be able to save substantially on your electricity bills.


What’s more, these gadgets are inexpensive and easily available online for the Internet savvy buyers. So, how do these devices work? The magnetic transmitter in the device records the electrical pulses used in your house. It converts the pulses into readable electrical units and converts the data gathered in pounds and pence, which is finally display onto the meter screen. You can easily analyse the data and calculate the exact costs.

Difference between a Smart Meter & Energy Monitor

Smart meters also come with the monitoring display for helping you know the energy consumption. Separate energy monitors can be used only for monitoring energy consumption, but they do not send information to your supplier nor are they capable of high accuracy. As such, smart meters are hi-tech and more beneficial when compared to simple energy monitors. So, are you interested in knowing more about smart meters or energy monitors? You should contact an established electrician in London near you.

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