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Electrcial Services

Electricity is both a bane and a boon. When the world was first introduced to the magic of electricity, the sources of harnessing this great power were quite primitive and dangerous regarding safety. The arrival of The National Grid saw a renaissance in the supply of safe and reliable electrical energy to millions of people. It was the coming of age for electricity supply for all homes and buildings.

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, people too have evolved and their power source no longer solely depends on the National Grid. Many buildings have installed solar panels or wind turbines for generating electricity according to their needs. It ensures an environment friendly and safe method of harnessing 24-hour electricity.

Now, electricity use has become quite safe, with UK leading the pack in electrical safety, using the 3-pin plug. But a shocking revelation is made by the study conducted by the Electrical Safety Council. Most of the houses in the UK are prone to electrical hazards and accidents and that too quite frequently. This can be attributed to blunt ignorance regarding the rules and regulations for electrical safety. Further, some revelations that are disturbing:

  • Use of faulty sockets and plugs
  • Ignorance of burning smell coming from plugs when an appliance is in use
  • Attempting repairs when the appliance is in use
  • Improper maintenance of electrical appliances and sockets

The statistics reveal that at least one person succumbs to electrical accidents in the UK each week and 1000 are injured due to electrical hazards. This very shocking fact forces us to think whether we have really progressed or are still the same.

Astronic Ltd cares for your safety and well-being. We provide electrical services for all types of establishments, and that too by qualified Part P electricians who are extremely well trained and equipped to handle any kind of electrical problems.

One more safety check you can take anytime is by installing the Home Electrical Safety check app on your Android device or iPhone. It is a great app that lets homemakers determine the level of safety they are currently harboring.

Electrical safety is a matter of concern not only for yourself, but also the lives of people around you. These revelations have thrown up some concerns that every homemaker should keep in mind:

  • Are your sockets getting old?
  • Are you using improper appliances without following safety rules?
  • Are your wires and fuses working properly?
  • Is there any chance of overloading or short-circuiting in your home?

These basic questions should be cleared from time to time in order to ensure a safe environment. Astronic Ltd looks into every electrical concern you have, anytime you need. Based in London, we are catering to thousands, advising them on electrical necessities of their homes.

Electrical safety is a serious matter. It is a matter of concern that most of us take it so lightly. It is high time that we should now change and make the world a safer place.

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