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Electrical power

Power outage due to some circumstances, such as storms, accidents, problems due to construction works, etc. are inevitable. Astronic Ltd. is always committed to provide you a reliable and fast electric assistance. Here, we provide you with some of the do’s and don’ts for your safety when the power goes off:

1. Check the breakers and confirm community-wide outage

Do not panic in any circumstance. It is more likely that the power cut is due to the fuses of your home. In such cases, there’s no need to be worried for long term planning to conserve energy as these can be fixed within a pretty little time.

If that is not the case, just move out and get confirmed by your neighbors that your house isn’t the only one to have the power load shed. When there is a downed power line, it may affect one house or at times the whole block that it supplies. In such cases, contact your power provider to fix it as quickly as possible. Also, assume it to be dangerous and stay away from the downed line.

2. Protect your appliances

Turn off all the lights and the electronic appliances and other gadgets, as many as possible; a special mention to the heating appliances and the air conditioners. This prevents circuit overload situations in the event of power restoration. This also protects some sensitive appliances like computers, microwave ovens and refrigerators, from the damage caused due to harmful power surges on restoration. Investing in surge-protectors helps to protect your appliances from any such cases.

3. Seek for alternative lighting

If possible refrain from using candles in order to abstain from any chances of fire. Using a power-generated flashlight, torches, and power generators or inverters, provides you the safest and also the most reliable alternative source.

4. Keep your food safe

Any food present in the refrigerator or your freezer should be kept as it is and the doors shouldn’t be opened too frequently. Rather they should be kept closed as much as possible. This helps in conserving your food and preventing it from getting spoiled. Also, keep some alternative food sources within your reach such as canned foods or other stuffs that do not require cooking.

5. Conserve the fuel for your car

During any power cut, the gas stations are not able to pump out the fuel. So it is always advisable to keep extra fuel stored if you need any emergency ride or use it as a power supply. You can also use the car charger to charge your cell phones in order to stay always informed and for emergency phone calls.

6. Keep an emergency outage kit within your reach

To sustain yourself well in the absence of power, keep a power outage kit ready. This must have the following:

• A flashlight with some extra batteries

• Some canned food that will require no cooking

• Some extra fuses

• First aid box and related supplies

• A battery powered or wind up clock

• A manual can opener

• A charged mobile phone

7. Dial 911 only during emergency

Only in cases of utmost emergency, that require immediate help, dial 911 for assistance.

Last but not the least, never panic! Keeping yourself away from stress saves you from worsening the situation. These steps will allow you to keep yourself and your family safe. And, do remember to dial up Astronic Ltd. whenever you are in problem because every fault can be fixed and you can enjoy your life with safety and happiness.

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