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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The importance of electrical preventing maintenance


When majority of countries are buried under heap of snow and enduring freezing points, considering the significance of electricity is of the essence. You must ensure that your industrial electrical facilities are proper and well inspected for potential electrical issues. Slight reluctance in preventive maintenance on your electrical systems can lead to disaster and it can

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Enrich your vocabulary with electrical terms

Electrical terms

As a home owner, you are not expected to have any technical vocabulary as that of any electrical contractor. But there is no harm in knowing some popular terms often used by electricians. It will in fact add to your knowledge and word bank. In addition, it will also help you interact better with the

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Dangers of Depending on an Unlicensed Electrician


Electrical safety is one of the most crucial and overlooked concerns in most of the homes worldwide. Homemakers often opt for DIY electrical work instead of approaching a licensed professional establishment or individual to do the same. Unlicensed persons, who have not obtained any certificate from a competent authority, are undertaking most of the electrical

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