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Tips for Improving Electrical System

According to a recent report, a couple of cases have come into light each year due to electrical accidents at home. Domestic electrical faults at home are one of the causes for house fires. It has thus become imperative to use safety switches on power sockets in homes.

Home owners should ensure that their family remains safe from electrical hazards. Keeping this in mind, here are a few tips to help you improve the electrical circuit in your home.

Tip #1: Carry Out Regular Checks

You needn’t be an electrician to keep regular checks on your home’s electrical systems. Simply, identify the signs of a potential problem that may exist. A burning smell and blackening around the socket can cause accidents. Immediately call a qualified electrician to fix the problem.

Tip #2: Never Overload Sockets

One of the most hazardous issues often leading to an electric shock or house fire is an overloaded socket. For example, two extension cables are plugged directly into a socket with a lower ampere; it exceeds the feasible load for that socket and causes overheating. Thus, it is recommended to use only one extension per socket.

Tip #3: Fit Double Sockets

If you need to replace sockets, opt for double sockets. It will reduce the need to use multi-socket adaptors or extension leads, which often causes overloading.

Tip #4: Fit an RCD

If you don’t have Residual Current Device (RCD) in your home, just get it installed. An RCD is a safety device to prevent electric shock. It is usually fitted at the meter box and immediately disconnects the electricity supply in case of a threat.

Tip #5: Change Old Wiring

If you are living in an old residential building, there are chances you have black rubber wiring that is over 40 years old and it needs changing. Rubber compounds become fragile with age and rubber wiring needs immediate change or you can wait for an accident to happen!

Tip #6: Maintain Your Electronic Systems

Keeping your electric appliances such as, electric furnaces and air conditioners well serviced will ensure their smooth output, and will ease the electric burden on your pocket. Be sure to keep furnaces, air conditioners, dryers clean and maintained.

Clogged filter in these appliances will make the electrical burden higher and can cause issues with the appliance and wiring. Old appliances consume more electricity than their new counterparts, but proper servicing and repairing of damaged electrical appliances will make it run smoothly.

Tip#7: Build as Your Wiring Needs

If you are laying down a new wiring system or undergoing renovations in your property, keep a few things in consideration:

Make sure all electrical devices are rated at least of 20 amps. Latest electronic equipments require more power to work. So, calculate your electrical usage before re-constructing your wirings.

New wiring protects your house and family against electric accidents. Furthermore, it meets the demands of new appliances that you have installed in your home, causing lesser wear and tear of the electrical system in your house. And that’s not all, a new wiring saves you thousands of dollars on your Energy Bills, too!

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