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Electrical Safety

Electrical safety precautions

Electrical appliances have significantly eased our life. Now we can complete the household chores in a few minutes when earlier it took a whole day to clean, wash, or cook. Just like the two sides of a coin, with positive come the negative and electrical appliances are no different. The more the electrical appliances you […]

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Dangerous electrical situation

Electricity is required almost everywhere, and it is indeed a boon for all. However, this same boon can turn into a bane if proper care is not taken during the installation of electrical equipment followed by periodic examination. Improper electrical fittings or using electrical equipment that are of inferior quality can cause substantial harm to […]

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Electricians – Are you aware of the new health and safety changes?

On April 6, 2015 the CDM regulations of 2007 regarding electrical connections were updated to incorporate precautionary measures that would further strengthen the safety of electric lines used in housing complexes. Project builders are directed to comply with the current CDM law and evaluate the condition of their previous and ongoing projects with respect to […]

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The hazards of using counterfeit cables

Clients and contractors should be well aware that counterfeit cables are extremely unsafe to use. The rising price of copper initiated a string of consequent problems. The price hike propelled suppliers and merchandisers to take recourse to low grade counterfeit cables. Counterfeit cables are electrical cables of inferior quality and are prone to sudden inflammation. […]

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Electrical Safety Inspections – The Need Of The Hour

Electricity has become an inevitable part of our life. From the moment we wake up to the time we go back to bed, all throughout the day it is put to use. Meanwhile, enjoying the perks of electricity we tend to forget how dangerous it can be. Even changing a light bulb without unplugging the […]

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