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As one of the reputed electrical services in London we have years of expertise and experience in dealing with all sorts of electrical problems in either home or commercial premises. For any kind of electrical problems or works engaging the nearby do-it-all self proclaimed professional cannot be the solution. A semi-professional makeshift repair work can only fix the problem temporarily that often makes people exposed to bigger accidents like short circuit.

On the other hand professional electrical services will follow the proper procedure to fix the problem in a lasting way. Often a faulty repair leads to disastrous consequences in home or commercial premises. Fixing electrical problems quickly with local mechanic is often proved to be dangerous for safety as well as longevity of the electrical wiring and equipment. Here below we mention some of the important advantages of contacting a professional electrician service.

Astronic Ltd - 247 Electrical Services in London


A professional license is the recognition of the experience and expertise. Electrical services in London require at least 3 to 5 years of consistent experience. So when you are hiring a professional service with a valid license you can be assured of the service standard and excellence.

Safety standard and safety record

Maintaining modern safety standard is crucial for a quality electrical service. At Astronic Ltd we maintain state of the art safety standard and insist on utilizing most advanced electrical equipment and safety measures. Over the years we have established a near flawless record of meeting safety standard.


As a professional electrical service we cater to clients of diverse categories and we can be accessed either online or through local directories and search engines or just over telephone. We are referred by our countless satisfied clients as one of the best electrical services in the city, whether for home or for commercial premises.

Customer service

We are available for round the clock service in all days of the week and cater to clients in all parts of the city. Our focus is to provide best possible service in quickest possible time while maintaining best safety and service standard.


Often a hefty price tag for a professional electrical service make a person decide to settle for a local makeshift repair work which will cost him much less. But we at Astronic Ltd offer a truly competitive price for a best in class electrical service making it affordable for everyone.


Astronic electrical services have to be accountable for satisfying clients and fulfilling their service commitment. As an administrative constraint there is a procedure to complain against a certified electrician. While hiring a local do-it-all mechanic you are left with no recognized complain procedure in case his service proves to be dis satisfactory and unsafe to your premise.

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