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Electrical Safety

Dangerous Electrical Situation

Electricity is required almost everywhere, and it is indeed a boon for all. However, this same boon can turn into a bane if proper care is not taken during the installation of electrical equipment followed by periodic examination. Improper electrical fittings or using electrical equipment that are of inferior quality can cause substantial harm to life and property. The construction of buildings without using quality electrical gear is obviously dangerous, but there are some potentially harmful practices which if avoided can avert massive damage.


The most well known hazard arising out of faulty electrical gear is fire. Fires caused due to electricity are very hard to manage and cause significant destruction. Several factors can cause electrical fires; some of these are enlisted below:

Reasons for Fire:

Using ill-fitted plugs: Using plugs that are not tightly secured tend to overheat and spark a fire.

Loosely screwed Bulbs: Bulbs that are not screwed properly and are left loose can cause fire accidents.

Smoke detectors must work: It is not possible to detect fires quickly without alarms, therefore if smoke detectors are left unchecked for years, it can cause problems

Battery check: To avoid possible leaks regular checks on equipment that run on batteries should be made and replaced, if needed.

Low grade Wire: Using low-grade wires in the houses that lead to the main supply can cause damage.

Correct Electrical device Usage: If electric lamp holders or other fittings that are used to connect electrical devices are not used as per the specifications, electric accidents can occur. For instance using a bigger bulb on a fixture unsuited for that bulb can be harmful.

Neglecting Wires: Neglecting discolored wires or wires that are hot to touch can cause substantial damage.

Constant use of Extension Cords: Using extension cords on a permanent basis has a potential risk of causing fire.

Electric Shock:

An equally hazardous and dangerous complication arising out of the use of faulty wiring is electric shock. It can be life threatening and may cause instantaneous death. The voltage present in electrical equipment is usually quite high, and any exposure to direct or alternating current of varying voltages can result in shock and death.

Reasons for Electric Shock:

No cover on Electrical outlets:  Electrical outlets that do not have a protective covering may result in an electric shock, even when not in use. Therefore, keep it covered all the times, especially when children are in the house.

Low-grade Wiring: Using inferior quality wiring for electrical equipment and connections may lead to a shock.

Missing Third Point: Eliminating the third point or pong in a plug, responsible for grounding the electric connection can cause severe electric shock because any amount of excess current resulting from any inadvertent situations can cause shock.

Not using GFCIs: If GFCI is not installed in the interior electrical system, it can prove to be harmful, because a GFCI severs the connection in case of a detectable overload preventing further damage.

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