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Commercial-Electricians checklist

All commercial establishments are powered and run by electrical services that include communications and data processing systems. It has become an inevitable part of our lives and businesses to seek a well qualified commercial electrician for repair work, major installation and scheduled maintenance work that can provide reliable, high quality and professionally done electrical services.

There are several ways to finding the right and most professional commercial electrician in Lewisham. You may speak to a satisfied client who is happy to suggest the electrical contractor of which he has taken the services for his own electrical requirements. It is a great and best way of reaching out the most professional electrician in your locality. Apart from the word-of-mouth recommendations, some intense online research can also help you identify and short list a few experienced electrical contractors, local to Lewisham that can address your needs.

Just to have a better idea how to narrow down the long list to a manageable short list of commercial electricians here are a few tips and guidelines that would help you zeroing in to the most appropriate and expert commercial electrical services:


Just find out that service provider who is confident of offering a high quality job. If the commercial electrician adheres to the set norms and standards and offers a guarantee, it indicates that you can trust their workmanship. It also displays that you have zeroed in to the right expert and he can settle any issues without fuss.

Honour Deadline

You must also search out the trustworthy and reliable service provider who can respect the project deadlines, and keeps up the appointments. Any kind of excuse like equipment breakdowns and downtime can lead to serious implications to your commercial operations. It can also harm your reputation impacting negatively on your business revenue and at personal level also if you have hired the contractor for some personal fixes.

Just ensure that a commercial electrician is honest and serious about keeping your work on set timeline and value your time. This will help him work professionally avoiding delay in initiating or completing projects.


Check that work is completed by well trained and qualified professionals. The seamless running of your business entirely depends on safe electrical installations and devices and a reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity. While entrusting any project of electrical installations and equipment to a commercial electrician you must need to be sure that the staffs are aptly qualified and professionally licensed.

At the same time it is also of the essence to ensure that your commercial electrician is covered with appropriate insurance for workers’ compensation, professional indemnity and public liability, and that your project will be performed in compliance with UK safety standards.


So, above stated are the most vital tips and guidelines that can enable you zeroing in to the most befitting and trustworthy professional and reliable electrical contractor for any of your business needs. Keep these tips in mind, next time when you hire any electrician for entrusting any of your electrical projects.

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