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Best electrical service

Electrical services in and around London have become easily accessible with the presence of Astronic Limited. The firm has a dedicated team of technicians and electrical engineers who are specialized in providing each and every solution to electrical problems, be it domestic or industrial. The high principles of professionalism along with a modern approach, makes Astronic Limited a preferred choice among the customers.

While handling electrical and electronic items it is extremely crucial to exercise caution. Fatal accidents take place if proper attention is not taken while handling electrical equipment.  These accidents are preventable and following are some quick tips to prevent these hazards:

  1. Use covers

A cover should be used for electrical sockets, light switches. It helps in giving protection from open live wires; keep rubbles out of range of the sockets. This ensures that children do not touch open plug points or wires and hence, reduces the chance of electrical shock.

Dry equipment

Water and electrical component should be kept separate, always. Wet environment around electrical equipment is strictly prohibited. One should keep all gadgets and electrical pieces above water level.

  1. Replace damaged equipment

Any electrical part that gives out spark, shocks or giving short circuits should be mended immediately. Frayed wires should not be left open. Replacing them is the best option. Tampering with old or damaged wires must be avoided. It is always best to check the wiring and equipment for faults with a reliable electrician once every six months.

  1. Trust licensed electricians

One must make sure that the electricians one has called is trustworthy and carries a legal license. A reliable electrician will follow all the standard electrical norms and with the help of their training they will do their job in the right manner so that electrical mishaps can be avoided easily.

  1. Storing cords carefully

The cords while storing must be taken care of. Twisting or knotting them might lead to tearing which becomes dangerous if kept loose. They must be stored away from the reach of children. One way of storing cords safely is to use cord organizers that are readily available in an electrical shop.

  1. Plugging into GFCL

Protection of the Ground Fault Circuit Interpreter is necessary at all plug-in points, even for the extension cords. Portable GFCLs must be kept handy for emergency cases and only the GFCL receptacles must be installed, at domestic and commercial places as well.

  1. No modification of plugs

Filing of blades, modifying a plug to fit into any socket, removal of ground pins should be strictly avoided. Doing all such things highly increases the risk of electrocution. A professional technician must handle any complexities of the electrical system.

With proper precaution and information any sort of electrical hazard can be evaded. Professionals at Astronic Limited are full of right knowledge and specialization to handle every situation when it comes to electricity. Do not hesitate to contact us at 08000371078 and get quotes.

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