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surge protector

In today’s world, with so many electrical gadgets and gizmos around us, we lead a more plugged in life than ever. We have grown tech savvy to an extent that execution of each of our errands require electrical appliances. Thus, with their increased use, there exists an inevitable increment in the problems related to them. One of the most common of such a problem is power surge.

Mode of action and harmful effects of power surge

The main cause of power surge is lightening. When lightening strikes, a vast electric field of magnitude that equals the bolt itself, is created. This charge then has the propensity to get earthed through the path offering it the least resistance and more than often the most targeted ones are overhead electric wires and phone cables that are connected directly to your house’s electric system. This high field impairs the delicate contrivances such as the televisions, refrigerators, computers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, coffee makers, thermostats, hand held charging devices, telephones, and many more those were plugged in at the moment. In London, storms and thunderbolts are a veritable issue thereby making domestic electricians in London more vigilant about these problems.

But lightening is not the only perpetrator that induces power surge. At times, even the heavy-duty contraptions cause small surges. They require large amounts of energy. Hence, turning them on creates a sudden demand for power thereby. Though it may not be adequate to cause apparent damage at the very first time, its harmful nature can nevertheless be overlooked. Over the time, multiple surges retrench the span of the appliances.

Surge protectors and their functions-

Therefore, in order to safeguard your home the only remedy is installation of surge protectors. They are fitted onto the appliances to prevent sudden spike currents or surges from scathing them. Any undesirable energy maneuvered to a particular device is channelized away from it and safe power levels are maintained. Also, whole house surge protectors are available which aid towards the safety of the entire house. Those, which are installed within the electric panels, are so designed that they provide defense against major surges.

At, Astronic Ltd., we offer surge protectors at very affordable prices. We also provide licensed domestic electricians in London, who look after the appropriate setting up of the protectors so as to ensure their safe and standardized functioning. Our expert handling and conversance with the devices and installations let your electricity run safely and efficiently. For any further details, never hesitate to contact us at 08000371078 and ask a quote from us or let your queries answered.

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