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Commercial Electrician

Who are electrical contractors?

Generally, electrical contactor denotes a firm or a company responsible for the hiring and supervision of expert electricians to take care of the installation, designing and servicing of electrical systems. Amidst umpteenth numbers of electrical contractors in the UK only a few are licensed and well equipped to offer a life of latest and shock-free electrical devices. Astronic Limited is one such name in the filed of electrical engineering, the domain expertise of which has made it earn years of reputation and remarkable client loyalty.

Electrical Contractor

Types of Electrical Contractors

Based on their work, electrical contractors in Croydon are mainly of three types – Line or Outside electrical contractors, Inside contractor and Integrated building system electrical contractor. Let us understand each of them in details:

Line or Outside electrical Contactors

When it comes to taking care of the transmission and distribution line of high power voltage, it is the Line electrical contractor who plays a crucial role. These experts shoulder the responsibility of carrying the entire task of transmission and preparation of the required infrastructure to transmit electricity right from the power plants to the various substations prior to sending them for their usage in residences, business centres and other utility areas.

Inside contractors

An Inside contractor looks after the maintenance of electrical systems and caters to all the electrical requirements of domestic, commercial as well as institutional edifices. These professionals take care of everything from setting up and designing to repairing of electrical devices for these buildings. Also, Inside contractors are responsible for ensuring the lighting as well as the setting up of the security system within the boundary line to refrain from violating electrical code as specified by the government.

Integrated building system electrical contractors

Such contractors are often referred to as video/data/voice electrical contactors. These experts deal in monitoring all low voltage set ups that encompass everything from climate control, telecommunications, and fibre optics system to the whole wireless network device.

Who are electricians?

Electricians are individuals owning an experience and interest in the electrical field. They are hired by electrical contractors to take care of the installation, maintenance and designing requirements. A professional electrician is the one who is selected at apprentice level, becomes a journey man by undergoing training programs which vary from three to five years and acquires the position of an estimator followed by a designation of project supervisor.

Tips to select the right electrical contractor/electrician in Croydon

If you are a resident of Croydon and are looking for a good electrical contractor or electrician, the following tips can be useful:

Quick Tips

  • If it is an electrician in Croydon, the first thing you need to find out is his license.
  • Check out for your electrician’s work experience in relevance to what, when, where and how.
  • It is safer to ask for references and recommendations.
  • Find out whether he has undergone proper training by checking his certificates.
  • Make sure your electrician belongs to a recognized electrical firm.

If it is a proficient electrician in Croydon, it has to be associated with Astronic Limited. Each and every electrician of the Astronic family is a certified professional who owns state-of-the-art expertise and is equipped with cutting edge technology. So, next time when you are looking for impeccable electricians or electrical contactors, think of us!

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