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Electrical Safety Tips London

Electricity is one of the most prominent components considered to be the backbone of our modern lifestyles. It is the lifeline of nearly all of our equipments as most of it run on electricity. Be it computers, watching a DVD, ride on the train, or cooking in microwave. It is always advisable while hiring professional electrical contractors to follow some standing guidelines to ensure a highly professional and safe electrical service – at home or in commercial establishments.

How to Ensure General Safety Around the House

Hundreds of people get hurt due to unsafe electrical hazards in and around the house. Some sort of precaution and electrical maintenance can protect you from such hazards. Can you identify the difference between a well maintained and a worn out cable? It is a licensed electrician who can help you identifying worn wires and its suspected risks.

Indoors Safety

  • Home Appliances – Keeping home appliances clean and well maintained can ward off any build-up food scraps. These can adversely affect the function of appliances.
  • Extension Cords – Use extension cables with care by not placing heavy furniture or closing doors over them. It may damage the cable. Just ensure that all power cables are completely unwound to prevent it from any type of overheating.
  • Unplug Appliances – Turn all the equipment of your home off prior to discarding the plug.
  • Overloaded Power Points: Ward of overload on your power points using piggyback extenders. You can also use power boards or can install additional power points, if required.
  • Avoid Temperature Extremes: Protect your appliances against extreme temperature. extremes.

Outdoors Safety

Care also needs to be taken when using electricity outdoors.

  • Power lines – You must keep flying toys, like kites, miniature planes, or any other toys from the proximity of power lines. Just be cautious when carrying ladders or poles near power lines.
  • Trimming Trees – Stay away from power lines when tweaking or trimming trees. If you happen to trim a tree near a power line, let some professional electrician do it.
  • Closeness to Water  Don’t use any type of electrical appliances near swimming pools or spas.
  • DIY Electricity Maintenance – Just avoid performing DIY electricity maintenance tricks. It is advisable to always hire a licensed electrician to do the job.

Electrical Safety During Extreme Weather

Following tips and guidelines should be followed during storms or extreme weather to stay safe and risk-free:

  • Fallen Power Lines – Keep a distance from broken power lines. Always rely on safe indoors.
  • Preparation Before a Storm – make sure that you secure loose component and trim trees to cut down any chance of damage.
  • Potential Hazards  Potentially loose objects may lead to damage to cables that includes garden debris, loose roofing, outdoor furniture, overgrown trees, and hardware equipments.
  • Lightening – Installing surge protectors can avoid potential injury that may result from lightening. You can also disconnect powder leads, modems and do not make calls under these circumstances.
  • Post Storm – Once the storm is over, inspect the surroundings carefully and be aware of debris and loose branches.
  • Don’t use Landline – You must not use the landline during electrical storms as in the past it has also caused accidents.

Safety Tips for Businesses

In majority of territories and states, all business owners must ensure that electrical equipment and installations are as per standards and safe and secure to be used. Below mentioned are some of the guidelines that can help business owners, ensuring safety, which may include:

  • Periodic testing and inspection of tools and cords
  • Getting rid of malfunctioning equipment
  • Installation of power boards having safety switches and overload protection systems; or
  • Installation of additional sockets, if required.

Above mentioned are the tips that would surely help you stay safe and secure during any type of electrical hazards caused by any reason.

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