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Five Warning Signs for Residential Electrical System

All of a sudden an electrical failure or accident can take us in awe. But before such accidents happen we are alarmed number of times with some warning signs. Lights flickering frequently for sometimes or sudden voltage drops or electrical sparks that you have noticed many times, can all be considered as signs that a […]

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Understanding the color codes for electrical wiring

Wire Color Code

Electrical wires are color coded according to an international standard which ensures that engineers and electricians can always quickly and easily identify the intended function of each wire in a circuit. Without this color coding it would be all too easy to make a mistake when changing a plug or re-wiring a circuit, and those […]

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Seven Basic Tools which Electricians in Sutton Must Have

Electrician tool kit

For lighting, cooling, heating or smooth working of any electrical equipment, electricians play a pivotal role in every house. From mending a cable fault or repairing a toaster to installing an LCD TV or setting up an air-conditioner, electricians are the call of the day. Only expert electricians know the importance of carrying the right […]

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